Looking for some fun to keep you and the kids busy while you practice Social Distancing?

Hammer at Home kits are equipped with all the materials you need for a fun DIY project you can complete at home!


We're excited to be open for private events and public workshops (following guidelines and protocols for social distancing and sanitizing)!  We are going to continue to offer Hammer at Home projects as another convenient way for you to create this summer! 

Our Hammer at Home projects are great for you to bring to your cabin, to have at the campground, and to provide entertainment for your kids/family. 

We're also offering H@H Parties.  If you have a group of people who would prefer to create together offsite, we can get you set up like a private event (you select up to 3 projects to offer and I create a link for you) and you can have 1 person pick up all your kits!  Email hammerandstain.tv@gmail.com to find out more!

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